A Thoughtful Gift From Our Banking Partner

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Addis Ababa, April 28, 2023
The Sandford Branch Manager of Awash International Bank, Mr. Kassahun Ashene, and his colleagues surprised Ethiostar Translation by visiting our office with a thoughtful gift on April 28th, 2023. The gift included a beautiful bouquet of flowers and other giveaways, which left the staff feeling humbled and grateful for the kind gesture.

Awash International Bank is one of Ethiostar’s preferred banks, providing a range of services such as overdrafts, foreign currency exchange, and fast and reliable payment services, including payroll and government taxes. The bank’s commitment to providing excellent service has made them a favorite among Ethiostar’s clients.

The surprise gift from Mr. Kassahun Ashene and his colleagues is a testament to Awash Bank’s dedication to building strong relationships with their clients. Ethiostar Translation is grateful for the bank’s continued support and looks forward to a long and successful partnership.