House Rent contract registration deadline

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We are delighted to share that the House Rent contract registration deadline, initially set by the government to end this Sunday, July 7, has now been extended. You now have more time to ensure your contracts are in order!

The Addis Ababa City Administration has issued Directive No. 7/2024, which governs the administration and supervision of residential house rentals in the city. This directive, pursuant to Article 29(2) of The Residential Housing (Property) Rent Control and Administration Proclamation No. 1320/2024, aims to standardize rent agreements, establish a complaint mechanism, and streamline the administration of residential rents.

Here are the essentials to bring to the Woreda office:

  • The rent agreement
  • Valid identification (residential ID, work ID, driving license, or passport)
  • Power of attorney (if applicable)
  • A title deed (for lessees)

The directive also outlines the procedures for filing complaints on issues such as:

  • Renting without a valid contract
  • Demanding higher rent fees than stated
  • Increasing rent amounts
  • Violating Proclamation No. 1320/2024
  • Terminating agreements against the proclamation’s provisions
  • Keeping a residential house vacant for over 6 months
  • Using the house for illegal purposes

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