SAMAD in the Forest

Ethiostar Translation and Localization Company is proud to announce the arrival of nine additional books in nine additional languages of Eritrea and Ethiopia for “SAMAD in the FOREST,” a beloved children’s book written by Mohammed Umer, a close friend of Ethiostar and a prolific children’s storyteller. These new additions mark a significant expansion of the already impressive multiple languages translation of the same book.

The new languages included in this expansion are Afar, Sidama, Kunama, Gurage, Wolayta, Harari, Haddissa, Kembata, and Konso, reflecting Eritreas’ and Ethiopia’s rich linguistic diversity. Now, children from various ethnic backgrounds across Eritrea and Ethiopia can enjoy this enchanting story in their native tongues.

“SAMAD in the FOREST” is a captivating tale that engages young readers with its imaginative narrative and colorful illustrations. Through Samad’s adventures in the forest, children learn valuable lessons about friendship, courage, and the wonders of nature.

All nine additional books are now available on, making them easily accessible to readers worldwide. Ethiostar Translation and Localization Company is thrilled to contribute to the promotion of East African literature and culture through the translation and dissemination of this beloved children’s book.

For more information or to purchase the books, visit and search for “SAMAD in the FOREST” in the respective languages. Join us in celebrating the joy of reading and the diversity of East African languages

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