Not one single day, everyday is women’s day!

When I think of a woman, my mother comes first. At young age I hadn’t realized all the pain she had gone through because I had no chance to see and understand. But the day my first son was born, I witnessed with my own eyes through my significant other what really happened in the process of bringing me to this world. Boy, it is simply a moment that literally decides between life and death.

In fatherhood, we understand woman, we give value to the impossible they make possible for us. Their contribution to life, their patience and wisdom have been always the bona fide reason that humanity has not become extinct. Being a father gave me courage not to lose hope in mankind, which always seems to be in the process of self distraction. The unceasing love and care in motherhood compliment the sacrifice and the commitment associated with real fatherhood.

Thanks to a mother, a wife, sisters, female friends, bosses and colleagues, I have become what I am today. Therefore, giving them credit just one day in a year while ignoring them when they suffer, be abused, harassed and discriminated throughout the whole year is nothing but hypocrisy.

Look out the mothers in conflict affected areas, mothers in the street begging for a loaf of bread for their children, mothers bedridden waiting for a miracle to happen so they can get up and look after their children no matter what the age of their kids. Look how employers are treating female employees. Do they understand their business is nonsense if compared to the responsibility of raising a child?

With this in mind, I hereby dedicate the coming eight days to be fully dedicated to women in the world. Here at Ethiostar, we shall demonstrate our commitment in empowering women with all the might we have. Though the journey takes years and years until it reaches its final destination, a world ruled by equal representation of men and women, we now begin taking steps. I cordially invite all our female colleagues to have your say, what you dream, what need to see changed in our work place and work relationship. I know your perspectives are different and can help us explore new exciting undiscovered territories.

With this in mind, I hereby dedicate the coming eight days to be fully dedicated to women in the world.

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