Time to invest in translation so your business can grow in the digital world

With advent of cyber technology, no doubt you have noticed we are entering to multi-ethnic global lucrative market. No matter where you are located, you can buy and sell over the internet and in doing so you are obliged to interact and transact with people that do not speak the same language as you do. By getting your products and services either translated or localized, you are enabling your customers to utilize your products and services at ease and with clear understanding of the features you provide along with your products or services.

Have you ever tried to sell your products or services in another language which you don’t speak at all? The idea may seem intimidating or crazy. But trust me it works and you can do it, thanks to technology. Getting your products or services translated by professionals is worth investing and I am here to show you why.

What can translation do for a business?

Products and services that are provided in the language of the target consumer motivate the potential customer to try and like them. Such a positive outcome is already proved even before the advent of internet and digital marketing. Remember the Coca Cola bottles and their marketing campaigns through out the world. They even go to transcribing their brand name using the local scripts.

As studies indicate the present marketing trend needs to overcome a language barrier as long as globalization is meant to reach every household in the world. In our digital era, all our activities are highly impacted and influenced by globalization. And it is a shared aspiration by many business owners and entrepreneurs to meet their audience wherever they are. However, such aspiration must be converted to reality through strict application of approved procedures and techniques. We are not here to discussed about them in this article; we will rather focus on the specific requirements to consider like culture and language.  

Many failed to understand or believe English is not the lingua franca of the world though many people speak it around the world. As business people our interest is to reach as many customers as possible so our revenue exponentially grow at the same time. And therefore, reaching people with their preferred language is not only a matter of strategy but unavoidable etiquette and humility. By Engaging professional translators to do the job for you, you can easily communicate with your target community and make them feel you are one of them. They will soon start to like your products or services and consider them as their own.

Top Ten Widely Spoken Languages of the World

Become a forward-thinking entrepreneur

Many business owners wrongly believe having translation service to promote their business is an extra expense that needs to be curbed. In this way they fail to compete with international brands that are dominating the market and that reversed their thinking about the importance of language in marketing. 

What can you do to reach audiences in their preferred languages

Having your website, marketing campaign materials and all kinds of content as well marketing documents translated to multiple languages is one of the most successful ways to establish a sound point of contact with your target audience. Your first impression is what is going to last long. Talking to people in the language you understand at your first encounter may lead them to love at first sight.

Not only ignite the motivation of to remain on your webpage, but it makes sure that they don’t navigate away being fed up with the content they can’t make the head and the tail out of it. In this present very busy era, no one wants to waste time. We scroll non-stop, remaining focused only for few seconds. Thus, your content must fit to this urgency by being understandable and easy to read. Here comes the need for translation.

Translation helps you to reach a bigger audience whereby helping you increase your sales and grow your business. We all agree in the importance of addressing a larger number of leads (potential customers) as long as we need to increase our sales. Accordingly, reaching these future customers of yours in a language they understand is a seamless way to impress them. The relationship you establish with them will have a strong hold and you can both mutually understand one another.

Translation makes your product or service a cross-border brand, and internationally marketable. Beyond bestowing you with credibility and intimacy with your customers, translation helps you to outsmart your business rivals. A multilingual website is proved to enhance one’s online presence. Customers across cultures and countries get to company website when browsing using key words in their respective languages.

As said above, trying to communicate with your leads in the language they understand not only shows your modesty, it also makes your targets feel considered and liked. It enhances better customer experience and increase customer loyalty. Therefore, taking into account your marketing content defines your company’s identity, you need to have them translated and adjusted to your potential customers. Such professionally translated content will obviously resonate more in their minds.

Benefits of Getting your website translated

What can benefit from engaging a translation service provider (TSP)

  • Have access to a broader customer base. With every acceptance a product or service attains, an automatic increase in revenue from the new customers is retained. With localization and translation, you are uplifting your revenue to an extraordinary level.
  • Customer care can be more expensive if not geared from the onset in a language buyer and seller can communicate each other. With marketing materials prepared in multiple languages, your customer support expense will be limited to a lower level since your product or service details are proactively provided to clients with the language they understand.
  • Guaranteed reduction or avoidance of miscommunication. Localization beyond translation helps you to follow local regulations and laws. All your legal documents are presented in the local language of your intended market and your legal accountability or liability is under your own control.
  • If you competitors have not yet started using translation services, a competitive edge is guaranteed to you. If they have already moved one step ahead of you in this regard, no worries, you have plenty room to catch up. 

 We insist selling products and services to a broader customer base using their respective language is always a strong business tool. It is always the language of your target customer which matters, not yours.

Let professionals do the job for you!

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